Overwintering Vines

ruthzSeptember 13, 2012

Do you overwinter Clitoria vines and Thunbergia vines inside?

I have a Double Blue, single white and double white clitoria vine that I need to decide if I'm going to overwinter them or just start new seed next year.

Last year I overwintered Blushing Susie. It bloomed some all winter and hasn't bloomed at all during the summer.

Is this normal?

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Ruth, yes, I put my annual vines in the greenhouse. Clitoria is an annual. Thunbergia is a perennial vine in warmer climates, such as ours, but SOME can be annuals - which one do you grow?

If you decided NOT to take in your Clitorias, email me and we can trade - my vines died during all our rain and I'd like to have them again. I'm sure I have some tropicals you would like in trade.

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I grow clitora as an annual. I over winter all my thunbergias except the alatas, which I also grow as annuals. They can all be wintered over under the right conditions. Blushing Susie & Salmon Shades, all the Black Eye Susan type vines are alatas. Except for T. Raspberry Smoothie, which is an alata but doesn't produce seed, they are so easy to grow as annuals. If you are going to winter them over I'd cut them back to promote new growth that won't shock due to the change in conditions when you move them.

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Clitoria is, in fact, a tender perennial---I have one I've over-wintered indoors for several years. But yes, you can grow it as an annual.

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