Powdery Mildew is killing my Honeysuckle, help!

mattkimeSeptember 4, 2007

I have a Honeysuckle vine which is just covered in powdery mildew. It covers nearly the entire plant. The plant itself is rather bare but the ends of it somehow manage growth.

Does anyone have advice for preventing and stopping it?

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The usual advice is to keep the leaves dry (don't spray them when watering). However, PM can occur just because of the weather conditions in your area, and some plants are more prone to PM than others. Treatment means spraying...I only use milk spray (10% milk to 90% water plus a squirt or two of Dawn), but it has to be applied often. I didn't get to it quick enough this season, so my leaves are gone, too. :P

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I have done what you said and treated the leaves that are left. Lots of the leaves have gone and it looks really bare and almost dead but again as above the ends manage to grow leaves. What should I do now? Have I lost it or will it grow back next year? I also don't want to lose the vine and am wondering whether to just grow something else up through it while it is healing...or dying as the case may be :o( Any help or odeas? Jackie

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