Do all worms compost?

CelbriseSeptember 13, 2012

do all worms well earth worms that is compost/can be used in vermicomposting or are their certain earth worms that don't actually compost at all?

someone on my other question told me that some worms that i got from the garden could not be good for my compost pile and i also heard someone online say somewhat the same thing. i don't know what worms these are but i wanted to get more so i can start breeding and vermicomposting without buying the worms.

just want to make sure they will even do the job or if i will be wasting my time

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Aindra(8, BC)

There are two types of worms: Burrowing worms and composting worms. The answer to your question, yes, they will compost!

You have the burrowing worms (earthworms.) They need soil to live so they need them in their bins/piles, a lot of it. They're not aggressive composters so you'll wait longer to harvest.

The composting worms (red wigglers) are most ideal for the bins because they don't need soil and they're aggressive composters. You'll harvest sooner than burrowing worms.

Normally, the composting worms are for the bins, and the burrowing worms are for outdoor compost piles (right on fields so worms can enter the pile from under.) But people around here have broken that unspoken rule. Some managed the bin with burrowing worms (with dirt for bedding), and some added red wigglers into outdoor compost piles. Both do just fine if managed properly.

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oh man my bin is pretty much 50/50 of each. this must explain why the worm is mainly at the surface only. it could be a composting worm though as i didn't find it deep in the soil.

i guess i will see where we go from here i can always build up my bin with soil/w.e.

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