stopping neighbor's vines

coyote2September 7, 2012

I just had a Geotex ground cover installed, but my neighbor's vines are still coming up into my yard by squeezing between the Geotex and the border wall. I cut them and they keep coming back.

Is there some way to discourage the vines when they surface? (Non-toxic since I have an adjacent medicinal garden.) Perhaps burning instead of cutting?

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is the Geotex like a fabric cover? try a thick black plastic sheeting. you can get a small roll of it at most hardware stores, and even at walmart, for about $10-20.

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Yes (thank you very much for your reply, houstontexas123), Geotex is a fabric cover which is both very strong, and water permeable. The Vines are stopped by the Geotex.

But the vines are squeezing between the Geotex and the walls at it's edges. Even though the Geotex is tightly pinned against the walls for 6 vertical inches.

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littleonefb(zone 5, MA)

the safest thing to use on the unwanted vines, is probably one of the easiest and safest for the gardens.

Boiling water.

Mark the areas where the vines are growing first.

Then just pour boiling water over the vines. That will start their demise very quickly.

Wait a couple of days and repeat the process.

Wait a couple more days and if you see no more vines growing, pull away what is left of the dead vines.

Wait a few more days and then just to be safe, repeat pouring the boiling water where you marked that had the vines growing.

From that point on, just keep an eye out for any that start to pop up and pour boiling water on them.

That should do the trick, keep your medicinal garden safe from any problems and keep peace with your neighbor and his unwanted vines in your yard.


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Thank you very much, Fran!

I'm extremely impressed by the effectiveness of the 'boiling water' solution. Can anyone explain why it works so well (when simply cutting doesn't work at all)?

When I repeated the 'boiling water' after about a week, only about 1 of 4 spots showed any return of growth. Now about a week later, none show any return of growth.

Spectacular advice, one of the best solutions I've ever heard to anything!

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

Coyote, thanks for reporting your experience. Not enough people do that. We would all like to know if your results continue through the next growing season.

By the way, the physical act of pruning is a growth STIMULATOR. Boiling water isn't going to do that.

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