is it better to chop up food scraps?

CelbriseSeptember 18, 2012

just wondering is it better to drop up food scraps/blend it up or simply just feed to the worms whole? i usually feed it whole and it doesn't decompose fast enough maybe after a week it starts growing mold but it still smells and pretty much looks like what it is besides the color.

just wondering what other people do i mean i see people blend it up and all that i see some people don't just wondering if their is a better way then what i am doing.

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boreal_wormer(Alta Canada)

The finer the material is chopped/blended the more surface area it has and the faster it decomposes. Worms feed on the products of decomposition (mold, etc) not the original material.

Personally I also chop up food scraps to make it easier to 'pocket feed' in my RubberMaid bin.

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For what it's worth I always chop the food into small pieces.

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i guess i will start blending the food up them. i have been feeding whole the little worms i got which is only like 3 worms atm and after a week i still find this slightly black banana peel still as big as day 1 -.-"

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The general rule of thumb is worms eat half their body weight in food a day. So for three worms.....

So you're not going to have a problem with food not rotting quickly enough to feed three worms :).

Anyway, I chop large food into smaller chunks just so I can fit them into a container in the freezer. I've never blended. BTW, red wigglers love sitting between the peels of a banana.

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1 of my worms ran away doubt it was because of the pile but because i didn't have a lid.

anyways since i now have worms maybe even none idk i don't seen any worms but i see my millipedes they seem to eat the rotting food. i now just blend it up stick it in a container room temp it grows mold pretty fast should break down fast as well which can be very beneficial i just blend it in a food processor saves up space as well.

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I blend their food, add a touch of molasses, a touch of oatmeal and a touch of alfalfa pellets (all well blended).

I set the blender aside with a lid on it for 2 or 3 days.

Then, I add it to the bin. It is usually gone within 24 hours.

Keeps the bugs down and makes the worms happy.


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