Major Fruit Fly problem and a few other q's

permajamie(9)October 13, 2009

I made two bins one for my house and one for my bf's house. My bf's bin has been overtaken by fruit flies. I've been trying to bury the food scraps deeply. The bin isn't that deep though it is one of those plastic stack-able drawers.

Then, I tried to make a fruit fly trap (a glass bottle with a banana at the bottom and plastic wrap w/ a small hole on top). But I only got one fly.

Also I just read on

"It is important to separate the worms from the finished compost, otherwise the worms will begin to die. There are several ways to do this. and you can discover which is best for you. The quickest is to simply move the finished compost over to one side of the bin, place new bedding in the space created, and put food waste in the new bedding. The worms will gradually move over and the finished compost can be skimmed off as needed."

I have never heard this before I thought they continuously recycled their waste. Opinions?

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I think I figured out the fruit fly problem actually. I am going to move the worms, scraps and bedding to the deepest drawer on the bottom so I can bury the scraps more.

To clarify, I have never heard of the worms dieing from their finished compost. Not the part about how to remove it.

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leearnold(z5 In.)

Well, the worms DO process (and re-process) their waste. BUT, as they process it more and more, the nutritive value goes down. THEN, they don't reproduce as much, and your population decreases.

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Freezing all your food first will certainly eliminate fruit flies. Freezing kills any eggs. Thaw, drain WELL, and put in the bin and cover with lots of shredded paper. I've frozen my food from day one and never had fruit flies and my bins are in my spare bedroom.

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