Some of this year's MG's

karyn1(7a)September 6, 2011

My MG's have done well this yea, even with the unusually hot, dry weather.

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Julia NY(6)

DOUBLE Wowser!!
Where do you get all the seeds from? Just beautiful.


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Thanks. Some I collected from my own plants, others were from friends and trades and some were purchased online.

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Very pretty Karen. What is the 4th one, second row from bottom.
I especially like that one.

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That one isn't labeled. I have quite a few that are unknown, at least by me.

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It looks like the picture of some seeds I ordered called Morning Storm.
With our 67 days over 100 degrees and no rain this summer, I've had very little blooming.
I did have 3 or 4 flowers in June, but they were more solid purple and didn't look like the picture.

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All beautiful Karyn! I really like this one

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Ruth I have one called Sunsmile that has a similar bloom but highly variegated foliage. We had temps in or near the triple digits from May thru Aug and very little rain. I was watering everything daily, many more then once a day. That's the only reason that they did so well this year. Without the additional watering everything would probably be dead. We've had such weather extremes the past few years. Record cold winters followed by record heat in the summer. It's heII in the garden.

Ronnie that's one of Joseph's Silver Bells. It was one of my favorites this year.

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Ament(5a SD)

Gosh Karyn, so beautiful! I seriously have to get my back fence into shape for morning glories to climb. :) Thank you for sharing your lovelies with us all Karyn.


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Karyn, I like all of them. I didn't know that there were so many differet ones available.

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Bill there are sooooooo many beautiful MG's. I didn't discover the Japanese varieties until a few years ago. Now I'm kind of addicted. lol If you are on Facebook you should take a look at the Morning Glory Lovers group. There's members that have fabulous collections. There's a Japanese member that grows what I guess would be called bonsai MG's. Tiny vines with huge blooms. I'm actually going to try to do it over the winter I think. MG's are just so easy to grow and low maintainence

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Beautiful morning glories, Karyn. I especially like the middle four in the third row. And the fourth one in the second row.

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Karyn, can I trade seeds with you?

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mnwsgal 4 MN(4)

That is a lovely variety of mg blossoms. Where in your yard do you grow these beauties?

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Karyn, I just had to comment on your beautiful JMGs. Is there one I like in particular? Yes, ALL of them, lol!

I see you on the Butterfly Forum frequently as well. My MGs did not do well at all in the extreme drought this summer and the attack of the leaf folding caterpillars that literally shredded the foliage. Little to no bloom. They have started to bloom in the last month as the temps came down and a little rain stimulated a few flowers.

But, oh I am drooling over your MGs. Good going because they are gorgeous!


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Thanks Susan. The MG's did very well this year up until mid Sept. They are in containers so I just watered them thru the drought but we had rain every day during Sept and the foliage got nasty. Just about everything in my yard developed some sort of fungus. There was so much rain that nothing ever got a chance to dry out and then the cooler then average temps didn't help. At least many had already produced seed pods. I posted extras from the plants that produced a lot of pods on the seed exchange.

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Wow! That's really beautiful. I like all of them. I've never grown MGs. Are they easy to grow? Can I start them inside and then transplant them outdoors?

Any advice is appreciated.



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Evelyn I sent you an email thru GW.


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karyn1 or anyone, you are saying store bought MG seeds will produce seeds that are true to the vine & color of the parent plant. I only have the ones I found in the wild.

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Beautiful flowers and very good photography.In the 2nd row, 6th image over is, I think, Gray Morning Mist. I can send a seed or two to anyone wanting that one. It really is gray. Just E-Mail. Rex

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Commercial seeds should grow true and honestly the majority of the seeds I collect from my garden also grow true but since mine all grow so close together there's always the chance of cross pollination.

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Karyn, thank you for the link sent to my email. Yes, these are are wondersome and fabutastic. I have most all of them, I received them from Emmagrace, Ronnie17,Joseph Despins, and some others. Thanks to all you folks at GW, I can dream of spring when I start getting the winter blahs. :) Arum

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Thank You SO Much for Sharing

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Awesome pictures!! Can't wait to try my hand with JMG! Just beautiful!!

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thistle(ontario 5b)

Can anyone tell me what colour I can expect from self seeded Heavenly Blue M.G's? I have heard that they do not come true from self seeding.I have tons of Seedlings coming up from last Year's Hevenly Blue,not sure whether to yank all of them or save a couple.

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thistle - your question is a good one although technically off-topic and a breach of protocol since this thread is karyn1's thread dedicated to displaying her plants and not a generalized identification / cultivation, I will respond , although you might want to consider contacting Karyn and inquire as to whether she minds the main topic digression...

Ipomoea tricolor cultivar seeds (such as Heavenly Blue) will not survive cold wet weather conditions.

There have been previous posts where people have either inquired or stated that they have had volunteers from Ipomoea tricolor in cold wet conditions and in each case :

1) the original plants turned out to be not I.tricolor or a mixture of different species.

2) the original I.tricolor died but some person or animal deposited seeds of a different species in the area

There are many seed companies and smaller merchants who put Ipomoea tricolor as the botanical binomial when in fact (as many have eventually learned) that what is actually contained in the seed package may be a mixture of I.tricolor and / or contain a mixture of species...often with no true Ipomoea tricolor at all...Live and Learn...

Ipomoea tricolor seeds imbibe water when it is still too cold as compared to other cold hardy annual Ipomoea species which will not imbibe water until the temperatures are warm enough and that they sense that the weather will continue to remain above freezing.

The fluctuating temperatures that are common in the colder wet climate zones that occur in the Autumn, Winter and the repeated thaws and re-freezes in Spring kill Ipomoea tricolor seeds.

Ipomoea tricolor seeds burst (decompose and die) when they swell from sufficient moisture when the temperatures get below freezing because unlike other cold hardy Ipomoea species , I.tricolor has never developed the survival mechanisms to survive (by self-re-seeding) in the very cold climate zones...

I have known of instances where Ipomoea tricolor has successfully self sown in USDA zones 7 or warmer (a 7 is still a rare occurrence) but not in climate zones below a 7 and typically a zone 8 or warmer is required for (accurately identified) Ipomoea tricolor to survive the combination of cold wet conditions.

Please consider starting your own new thread (devoted to your topic) and post photos showing the cotyledons of whatever seedlings you have sprouting and I (along with others) should be able to assist with identifying whatever young plant species that you have growing...the accuracy of any identification will be greater if the seedlings have produced true leaves and you can post photos showing the true leaves.



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I could care less. This thread is so old anyway but it is an interesting question and would be better under it's own thread title. Being on this thread not many people who might be interested will see it. BTW I'm in zone 7a and many MG seeds, especially the "JMG's" will not survive the winter here.

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