moving a Climbing Hydrangea

coach_55September 15, 2012

I have a hydrangea that gets too much shade. It's not climbing, nor is it blooming. I plan on removing it but I thought it might have some value to someone if it was in the right location. Is it possible to transplant or salvage one of these? If so, I'm in Cincinnati for anyone who wants it.

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How long have you had it? Climbing hydrangeas take a long time to establish well enough to bloom or even put on significant height. And they need a wide, rough surface on which to climb or adhere the rootlets that emerge from the stems. It would have to be pretty darn heavy shade to discourage this vine.

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I've had it for 6 or 7 yrs. A portion of it is under the shade of our deck and steps. Another section of it gets pretty good sun. My idea was for it to climb on the poured concrete foundation wall. I think it may be too smooth for the vine to cling to. It did bloom fairly well quite some time ago and I think thats why I've endured it for so long without blooms. I'm leaning strongly to removing it and trying some hostas and maybe coral bells.

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