Jasmine not thriving

deborahb_gardenerSeptember 9, 2012


I have two pots with confederate jasmine that are not thriving.

Though they give the occasional bloom, they are shedding leaves and not growing, either vertically or laterally. I have had them five months now and they were bushier when I got them.

I think there is something wrong.

I am thinking of repotting them, as I never liked that potting soil (it seems too insubstantial and gets wet and stays almost damp, certainly airy, even under hot sun.)

Btw, what do people think about these pots that have the plate attached and an opening at the bottom? They are practical but I wonder if they cause problems--though they do have a draining system.

But I do not want to plant them in the ground, as I am not sure they will last through the winter, if we get a bad one, so I wanted to have them grow inside for their first year or so.

I got them in the spring.

I have attached pictures.

Any ideas most welcome!


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Where in Virginia are you (zone wise)? I planted mine in the ground. Very, very, very vigorous in the ground btw--almost weedy! They should be hardy to zone 7a. At this time in the year though, I would not plant it into the ground as it might not have time to establish itself. Sounds like your soil is the problem.

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Thank you!

I am in Charlottesville. Would it be a problem if I repotted them now? I do not like that soil...

I am also skeptical about those pots. Of the three things I have planted there, only one pothos has survived!

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I checked and your area is listed as Zone 7b. I would transplant now into a different container w. better soil but not into the ground as your plant is already struggling-- winter would be too much for it at this point. These are really robust vines. Have mine on a fence that has to compete with kiwi which is also quite vigorous let's say. If you do plant into te ground, wait until mid spring when your vine should be growing vigorously.

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njoasis: thank you!
that sounds right.

my only question now is a simple one. what is better soil? i used potting soil by miracle gro, but i think it is not solid enough. but ground soil is meant to be mixed with existing soil and ours has a lot of clay and is not good.

so any suggestiongs most welcome!

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