Pottery seconds?

Lynn MarieApril 8, 2012

There's bound to be somewhere in DFW that you can buy inexpensive pottery? I'd really like to buy some pots, but I'm a little too cheap. Isn't there anywhere that might have scratch and dent pottery for sale? I already tried craigslist and freecycle.

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lynnemarie, sorry I can't help you, I've been hoping someone would answer, would like to find out myself!

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I've never seen 2nds. Have you checked at Ross or Gardenridge? I found some big pots at a modest price at Ace. They had them marked down 25%. Other places I watch for the 1/2 off sign. But that's usually late in the year.

that's all I can think of

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tx_ag_95(7/8 Lewisville)

I've been hoping that someone would answer, too. I've had decent luck with plastic pots at Home Depot and Gardenridge, not so much with Big Lots, oddly enough. I did get two nice large pots at Tuesday Morning one year. The top edges have bleached out, but I think they're still OK. I also have some large clay pots from HD, but I don't remember how much they were. If I come across anything, I'll definitely share with everyone...after I've gotten as many as I need, of course! :)

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Lyn, I've never seen a place that sells pottery seconds. I think it's because all pottery has flaws, so they don't grade it. I wish there was because that stuff is very expensive, especially the large ones.

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roselee z8b S.W. Texas

I remember way back when pottery makers sold seconds. My grandmother used to go somewhere across town to get pots with defects, but now most pots are foreign made.

Ross had some really nice ceramic pots of all sizes last year for some great prices. I know Barbra got several from there and I got two. Have you checked to see if they are getting more in like that?

I've gotten quite a few pots from Costco too. They usually specialize in one particular style a year. They have a nice size resin pot now for $17 something, plus some really pretty ceramic pots for about $35.

But my best deals come from garage and estate sales and thrift stores. There must be a place like Yeya's (a first class junk place Shirley "Rock-Oak-Deer" blogged about) in your area, but of course you have to keep checking back at places like that. I sure hope you find somewhere to get them. I really enjoy growing a lot of plants in all sizes of pots.

Here is a link that might be useful: Yeya's Antiques and Oddities ... Hmmm, I just noticed I bought some of the pots pictured :-)

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I think there is more risk to importing them from Mexico than before too.

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Lynn Marie

Thanks. I'm not much of a shopper, so the thought of driving from store to store to compare prices is horrible! DH asked me not to get the soft foamy kind anymore becuase he can't weed eat around them without tearing them up. (Sometimes I put them in a corner of the yard.)
I've been to Gardenridge, who has really good deals, but I was hoping for GREAT deals! I guess if I want new pots I'm going to have to open the purse!

Thanks for all your input!

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