Kyushu University Q961 - 'Budo Nezumi'

gerris2September 3, 2009

I got this simply fabulous Japanese morning glory from a friend who lives in Japan. I am certain she must have gotten it from the collection housed at Kyushu University since it carried the Q-number of Q961. She gave it a Romaji name of Budo Nezumi. I like this one very much, needless to say; the intense color of the flower jumps out at you when it is surrounded by the yellow-green leaves. I am hoping it makes tons of flower but to date it has only made less than 10. Let's hope for a bunch of seed capsules on Budo Nezumi!

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Hi Joseph,

Just wanted to express my appreciation of your posting this morning glory. I look at those colors and think to myself, no wonder some Japanese names of morning glories related to brocade silk. I need to look more into that, as well as so much else.

Regarding so much else, is this a good link with which to approach Kyushu University, if you're new to the idea of seeing what there would be to learn there, and/or just an American gardener like me who barely squeaked through high school? -

One more point - maybe we could start introducing some of what some gardeners have learned and shared elsewhere regarding us American dirt-gardeners deciphering certain key words from the Japanese to English.

Y'all - I'm thinking baby steps here. This information is accessible to us all; I think we'll be surprised where the first baby step could take us.

Thank you again for sharing this one.


ps - if that link to Kyushu U doesn't work, Joseph, could you suggest one that would work here on GW?

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"Love that one" as she says falling of the chair!!

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Thanks, Ronnie! I need to get this pretty thing into a larger container. It is currently in one of those 6 inch pots, yet appears to be happy with the flowers and unblemished leaves.

Karen, I saved that link as a shortcut, it is quite useful indeed to get information I'd not seen before. Did you drive the search from the Kyushu University home page?

Here is the Kyushu University Japanese Morning Glory collection web site link: Kyushu University Japanese Morning Glory Collection Website

Eiji Nitasaka, Ph.D., is the keeper of a huge repository of strains of Ipomoea nil, I. purpurea and crossings and such of Japanese morning glory seeds. I will get a separate thread going of my visit to see Dr. Nitasaka when I went to Japan in July.

The various Q-number strains of Japanese morning glories may be found in pictures at this web site, drool on! LOL

Photograph Pages of Kyushu University Japanese Morning Glory Collection


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That's very pretty and different looking. I just took a look at the University MG collection and was completely blown away. I'd never have known some of those were MG's like this one (link below) They are so unusual. I wonder if we'll ever see anything like that here? Thanks for posting your photo and the links.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Thanks, Karyn. Here is the link to smaller photographs of the same flowers:

Smaller photos of Kyushu University Japanese Morning Glory Collection

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Are all those morning glories at the Kyushu University new varieties?

I wish they had names :-(

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Aker, most of the strains housed in the Kyushu University have probably been around for quite some time.

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