JMG seed question

ruthzSeptember 17, 2009

Almost every day I have a solid color and one or two with white around the edge on my Red Star vines. Most look like they are supposed to.

Do you tag these and keep the seeds seperate?

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I always tag any bloom that is 'different'. This way you can grow it out again next year to see if it stays true. All have their own method of tagging pods, but I always use masking tape and write the information with a permanent marker with the date and bloom description. Place the tape directly behind the bloom at the sepals where the pod will form. Also place the tape gently and loose to give the pod room to mature. I always put the date so I can reference back to that particular bloom since I take oodles of photos. Then when you collect that particular seed pod, you already have your information noted.


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Great idea Emma on the date...I use my label maker. I like the tape idea though!!

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Thanks Emma,
I'll try that.
Now that you told me how you tag them, I noticed it on your pink MG on the Blue Star thread.

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I should tag more seeds that show desirable traits. I did with a streaked margin flower of Xiong's red with white margined flower - grew it this year and all F1 flowers were normal. It is still worthwhile to tag flowers, I agree.

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I totally agree with you.

I noticed the tag on the Blue I. purpurea photo too when I posted it, and that was probably something I *cross-pollinated*. I do the same thing when I cross anything and that year I was doing a lot of HIGE crossing. I have SO many tagged pods that I have crossed - you just wouldn't believe! But, at least with my date, I can go to my images and see exactly what I cross-pollinated.


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Emma, I wonder if you are the one that told me to use masking tape on my vines and other plants. Someone did and that's what I've been using for a couple of years now.

A suggestion thought a pen to use to write with. I found the permanent pens fade in the sun and/or weather with too much rain.

Better to use a deco paint pen with black paint in it. Nothing removes the paint on the masking tape.


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I've been using a twist tie around the stems of flowers I want to collect seeds from. I write a number on the tie and keep a key to the numbers in a notebook.

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