how to tell when worms are sexually mature?

CelbriseOctober 10, 2012

i have read various posts on how to tell when they are mature enough to mate but none are really specific. some say when the worm has it clitellum ( the band ) some say when the clitellum is is orange and puffy ( bloated .

my worms are still skinny not fully grown that is for sure but they have their clitellum and idk if i can expect cocoons anytime soon or what i mean it's very unclear to me. can anyone actually clear this up? how do you actually tell they are mature to breed.

again my worms are skinny and long yet they have their clitellums already.

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According to 'worms eat my garbage' which finally came in to my local library, they are mature when they have a clitellum.

Just because they CAN breed doesn't mean they will. Will yours? I don't know. I am sure my worms are breeding because there are 800 more of them than I put in :) but I still haven't seen anything I could definitively id as a cocoon, or seen any mating.

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thanks for clearing that up always wanted to read that book but sadly no library has it and i don't got the money to buy it atm.

im sure my worms will breed they are red wigglers after all but im not sweating it i just wanted to clear that up since i didn't know how to tell.

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You can probably find an online source for WEMG, especially if you have a torrent client.

Now that I'm home and can actually check the book, it says an adult worm will produce 2-3 cocoons a week. They take about 3 weeks to hatch, and each cocoon produces 2+ hatchlings. The babies take 8+ weeks to mature.

hope that helps

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Try using a flashlight, that sometimes helps. Once you spot one or two you will know what to look for and should find a bunch of them.

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""my worms are skinny and long""
From one of your posts I sort of remember you mentioned you are in Hawaii. When you got your worms, were you specifically told they are EFs? If not they are most likely PE (Hawaian Blue) and their cocoons are really tiny compared to EF's.

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