Identifying my Worms

Nini_TreeHuggerOctober 28, 2012


I'd appreciate it if anyone could help me identifying this worm for me. On the next post, I'll try to add in more images since I can only add one image in this one. So I'll describe it instead.

It's about 3 inches in length. Brownish-maroon in colour, becoming yellowish at the end. When I shine a light at certain angle (I don't know if you can see in the image) there is iridescent purplish-blue coloring. The end is rounded. I can't really see the clitellum. It's a bit sluggish but I think it's because it is still new to its new environment.

I bought it along with about 150 of its friends in a bait shop (we don't really have vermicompost worm growers for for small scale vermicomposting in Malaysia, I'm afraid). I bought the same kind of worms from them about one month ago and that batch is thriving well, devouring scraps of vegetables really fast. So I know they're vermicompost worms.

I also have some perionyx excavatus I collected under patches of old cow manure. Those are kinda skinny looking, tapering at both ends and quite lively. Oh and they also have that blue iridescent sheen on them.

So I wonder if this worn in the pic is the African Nightcrawler or a subtype of PE or something else. And also if anyone knows, if there is any other types of non-vermicompost worms with iridescent purple coloring as well. Thanks in advance for your help. :)

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Hi again.
Just to show everyone how my worms look like. I don't know if you can see the iridescent purple-blue sheen on some of them. Sorry the pic isn't really a good quality one.

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they are yellowish but i have no idea what it is . Where do u get them from?

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Maybe you bought some European Nightcrawlers at the bait shop? Look at the photos on this web site and compare them with your worm herd.

Here is a link that might be useful: European Nightcrawlers

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Hi Gerris2 and aky103,
Yes they do look like european nightcrawlers. Maybe they are a type of nightcrawlers. I don't know if they grow them here. Anyway. Thank you so much for your suggestion. They are doing quite well in their own bin, although they don't produce much vermicasts... or eat as much scraps as my ANCs I bought from a worm farmer. I'm beginning to think that they are not vermicompost worms, just bait worms. At least I've rescued them from their watery death :) I'll still keep them though... I love them all lol.

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