raspberries in san diego

big-eyesSeptember 1, 2008

my nursery is selling bababerry, canby, fall gold and indian summer raspberries. i see other posting regarding the bababerry being great. are any of the others also really good for san diego coastal? please also include what makes them good. thank you

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A friend of mine brought me fresh raspberries and blackberries from her dad's garden when I was making batches of jam a few summers ago. I already had some of both that I purchased at a market in the area. The difference in taste was incredible. Where the storebought were kind of bland, the full sweet flavor of the homegrown was like night and day. These weren't grown on the coast though, they were grown inland San Diego. I plan to try them next year in my garden.


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thank you. do you know what kind of raspberries and what kind of blackberries? there are a few verities of both that are available to us here.

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I'll ask her and let you know.


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I am trying to find a source for baba raspberries plants to start this season. Can anyone recommend a nursery?

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floral_uk z.8/9 SW UK

alanleveritt - you will probably have better luck if you ask on the Fruit and Orchard Forum - it's much busier than this one and specialises in fruit rather than ornamental vines.

Here is a link that might be useful: Fruit and Orchard Forum

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