German Queen Tomato Question

jcrowder(7)June 9, 2011

I was looking at my German Queen Tomato plants last evening and noticed that they seem to be forming in clusters of 6 or so. Am I supposed to pinch a couple off to make room for the others to grow? They are so close together! They can't possibly get as big as they are supposed to all jammed up together like they are!



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Are they in a pot? I snip off all, but one. I plant several in case all the seed doesn't germinate. Other people take the extras and put them into their own pot. In zone 7 yours should be in the ground or am I missing something? You going for your fall crop?

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To Clarify..i'm referring to the clusters of fruit...not the plants or seedlings! Right now, there are clusters of about 6 tomatoes and each tomato is about the size of small peach. They are already touching each other so I'm just concerned about how much room they need to grow to full maturity.

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carolyn137(z4/5 NY)

IS your plant potato leaf (PL) as it should be if it's German Queen?

The reason I ask is b'c most varieties that are large beefsteak shaped varieties don't have that many fruits on one truss.

Carolyn, who never thins fruits; that's for those who want to grow larger fruits than a plant normally gives and my priority is taste, not fruit size.

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My German Queens don't produce fruits like that. Last year I got about 4 fruits per plant.

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Hi all,I planted a german queen for the first time this year and started it out in a topsy turvey,She didnt like this set-up,the main stalk turned black,I put her in a pot on the front deck and she is doing fine,I have used topsy's for years and have my own custom stand with a gravity fed watering system and consistantly churn out super tomatoes.Tomatoes are like anything else,you have to commit to them or it wont work,watering and temperatures go hand in hand and it takes patience and dedication for it to pay off.I grow nothing but tomatoes and have learned how to from trial and error,Happy growing

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