What are dis/advantages of vinyl or wood arbors?

JotaRo(7)September 29, 2013

Hello all,

I would like to buy an arbor for my garden and am curious to hear about experiences from others regarding which is more durable and at the same time consistently attractive over time: vinyl or wood arbors? In your personal experience, what are dis/advantages of each?

Thank you,


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Vinyl pergolas

Virtually maintenance free
Rarely crack or split
Don't need to be painted
Don't sink or warp
Easily cleaned
Looks new for years
Moving a vinyl pergola is not hard
Vinyl is immune to bugs


They Are Cookie-Cutter
Finding Replacement Parts Can be Difficult
Light weight - must be securely anchored
Vines don't stick to vinyl as they will to wood

Wood Pergolas


Wood gazebos look classy and traditional
TheyâÂÂre typically gorgeous
You can easily alter the colors with oil-based stain.
More style options with wood
Wood is more durable
Wood blends better with the landscape


Wood requires a fair amount of maintenance
Wood needs to be cleaned, stained, and treated to keep them in good condition
Chemicals in treated wood can poison and kill some plants
Wood can warp, split and splinter over time
Wood welcomes termites and other kinds of critters
Depending on size, once secured in place, they are too heavy to relocate

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That is quite a comprehensive response. Thank you kayjones!

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