Tomato disease?

2ajsmamaJune 21, 2012

Most of my transplants look OK - some dark purple leaves but I expect that with new transplants, some of the older leaves also have light spots on them (I'll try to get a pic later). But one of the larger ones (transplanted the same time as the others, just a couple of weeks ago, but started earlier by my cousin) had some yellowed leaves with brown spots. Wondering if this is the beginning of something bad, and I should pull the plant (though it has flowers, they'll probably drop in this heat).

Sorry, leaves were crammed in my jeans pocket underneath the potato leaves with late blight (?) - they weren't this wilted or shredded when they were on the plant. It does look like the flea beetles are moving over from the potatoes.

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I am new to gardening, but from what I have read the older leaves will turn yellow and eventually fall off. If the leaves that are yellow are from the older leaves then it's probably just normal. From all the pictures I have seen I do not think you have Blight or Septoria. I could possibly be wrong, but it looks like maybe just old leaves dying off.

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