Moonflower cuttings/Spring planting ideas

moonwolf_gwSeptember 15, 2009

Hello everyone, I'm new to posting here but not to reading the hoya ( I post there too) and vine forums on GW. So for my first questions here on the vine forum:

Has anybody sucessfuly rooted moonflower cuttings? I took two from the vine I'm growing outside, potted them up and placed in an eastern exposure. They looked awful until today when I noticed one leaf perking up one the one cutting!

Next year, I'm planning of adding another vine to the morning glory/moonflower mix outside. I want to plant Cup and Saucer Vine (both kinds) along with them. Good idea or not? Let me know what you think!

Brad AKA Moonwolf

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Hi Brad, are you planing to grow them inside for the winter?

I love cup and saucer but never get any you? I am never successful with the moon flower either. Too much vine and very few flowers...I see you are z6 also.

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Hi Ronnie,

No I'm not planning on growing Cup and Saucer inside for the winter. The moonflower cuttings I am though. I wanted to see if I could grow it as a houseplant. I have an old book called "Bringing The Outdoors In" and it says about moonflowers, cup and saucer, passiflora, even clematis growing indoors.

I have never grown cup and saucer vine before. I hear it's easy to grow though, which makes me want to try it.

I have a honeysuckle that's doing rather well. No flowers this year as it is its first and just vining skyward! I bought it as "Old Fashioned Honeysuckle" at a local garden center a few months ago. I can't tell what kind it is due to the leaves but I'm thinking it's a japonica (Yes I know, bad move). But, like everybody else, I love the fragrance!

Brad AKA Moonwolf

P.S. Moonflowers have a wonderful fragrance as well! I've been growing them the past three years and have had flowers every year. Morning glories grow with it and mom's been growing them since before we moved. They always do well. Oh I forgot, I also have two clematises: A Reiman and a Nelly Moser.

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OOH Brad keep us posted on the MF during the winter!! There are a few members, myself included that grow MGs inside during the winter. I just made space in my little sunny room for quite a few glories. Some are going upstairs under fluorescents too...Hoping by December it feels like July!!

I love honeysuckle...what a great memory smell for me. I just had to remove one from our arbor, just old and craggy looking! I'll surely have a new one somewhere else though!!

What MGs do you grow?

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I can't remember what they're called.They're pink and dark purple flowers. They're doing great though!

As for honeysuckle, Brushwood Nursery has some back in stock. But the only fragrant ones that he has are Goldflame and Early Dutch. They may not be as fragrant as the Japanese variety, but it's better than nothing.
This past spring, I gave my friend/neighbor a honeysuckle plant for her birthday. It was labeled Hall's Honeysuckle. They said it's really taking off! What kind of honeysuckle did you rip out?

Brad AKA Moonwolf

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Sorry to say that the cuttings have died :( .
I just threw them out today. However, the ones growing outside are doing extremely well! I see a couple buds that might bloom here in the next week or so!

Brad AKA Moonwolf

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