Something is eating my MG flowers/leaves

ruthzSeptember 7, 2010

It's been raining all morning, but I went out anyway and found this

Purple from Japan

This is what it should look like

Baby Blues

This is what it would have looked like

Also some of the leaves have small holes

I did kill a small fuzzy worm yesterday on the Purple vine

Today I found a snail on my Tie Dye Pink container

and on a couple other vines I found a small ladybug like beatle.

Normally I only use Neem Oil to spray my plants if needed, but won't be able to do that since we're expecting rain for the next 10 days or so.

Any suggestions what I can do until the rain stops?

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The ladybug looking beetle was most likely a Golden Tortise beetle which will make holes in the foliage but I've never seen them eat a bloom. I like them and don't kill them because they are quite pretty. They can change their shell color and either look a bit like a ladybug or are a beautiful metallic gold color.

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Hmmm...I'd say caterpillar damage as they are fond of eating the most tender parts of the petals (which is the secondary fold area0 and leaving the tougher parts that are part of the support ribs at the center of the petals...

There is something unusual in the throat of the bloom that has the parts eaten away and a closeup shows that the perpetrator left it's calling card deposited on the base of the petal at the 3 o'clock position...

Sending you a cropped enlarged closeup for your review...

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I TOTALLY agree with Ron.
I have the same problem.

The 'holes' are made before the bloom opens are are usually perfectly shaped all around the bloom.

I sometimes find 'those things' down in the throat of my MGs. aarrgggg!

If you feel you must spray, Neem oil is good - or, just wait until they 'fly away'

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