ID for this MG?

littleonefbSeptember 23, 2007

This bloomed from a trade packet of seeds labeled "Plum frost mix".

Flower size is 3 1/2 - 4". Appears to be different than the one I have of "red star" and "mt fuji dark pink".


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Fran it looks just like one I purchased as 'Yagurama'

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I'd agree with you except that the flowers that are blooming don't really have a white throat and are much more ruffled than the pick you are showing. I can't tell from the pic you posted if the leaves are variagated but the ones one mine are.

See what you think with these pics taken early yesterday morning.


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Hi Fran - I think you have yet another 'variation' of the Fuji no Momo
the amount of coloring in the throat area and deeper in the tube as well as the pigmentation along the folds is known to vary in the youjiros...

The Fuji no Mine
can vary also but is commonly a dusky fuchsia but can produce purples because it is a cross between a reddish and a blue-ish purple...

The leaves on yours and shorter overall plant form lead me to the Mt.Fuji Momo rather than the Sayaka
or the more reddish colored Yaguruma(note spelling)...



Here is a link that might be useful: Yaguruma youjiro in the PlantFiles...

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Fran now I notice the white throat in mine and not yours!! So many look alike at first glance that's for sure!!

No matter the name I love them all!! âº

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Thanks Ron. I looked at the pics on the plantfiles to compare and agree that it is more like the Mt fuji momo. It doesn't look enough like the Yaguruma in either the pic or the ones I have blooming. It is a really pretty flower and one I hope to have some seeds from.


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