Firecracker Vine (manettia cordifolia)

kimbyjSeptember 7, 2007


I just purchased one of these beauties and its in a gallon container with a little trellis. The nursery wasn't able to tell me much about it. I know its a perenial and sun/part shade but how do I winter it over? Should I replant it now or wait until next spring? Should I just re-pot it in a huge pot now? Do I cut it back after it dies and then bring it back out in spring?

I'm so excited about this vine but I'm intimidated b/c there's not much info really.



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nckvilledudes(7a NC)

According to two sources I found, manettia cordifolia is only hardy to zone 8. I have what Plant Delights Nursery sold as manettia inflata and it has been hardy for me in zone 7a NC for several years. It doesn't really match other pictures of manettia inflata that I have seen but whatever it is, it has survived and the humming birds love it.

Here is a link that might be useful: Manettia cordifolia

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whoa that's awesome. Is that planted in full sun? The tage says full or part shade. I am in zone 7 and actually read where someone has it in NJ, but it's potted and they bring it maybe that's the key for keep it potted? Do you cut your back?
Thanks I am a newbie gardener so any hints will be much appreciated.

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nckvilledudes(7a NC)

Kim, mine is planted in full sun in zone 7a here in the middle of NC. I let the plant die back when frost hits it and then trim it back to ground level in late winter to early spring or whenever I am out there with the pruners!

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