Pictures of 3 year old Blue Moon Wisteria in bloom

arctictropical(Z4)September 24, 2008

I can't give this wisteria enough praise. Does not grow out of control, and blooms early!

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It is lovely!!! Did you grow it from seed?

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Hi Joann! Sorry for the delay in replying. I've been out of town. I have four plants that I purchased through a couple of mail order companies. I'm too impatient to grow them from seed!


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I tried 'Blue Moon' because Dirr suggests it's less vigorous than the Asiatic species. The rooted cutting I planted, less than a foot high at planting, reached the roof of the second story in less than two seasons. Left unpruned it would be every bit as much a threat to the house as floribunda or sinensis. From near the stem-root junction it sends off vigorous horizontal suckers that root at every node and that I find hard to keep up with. And it seeds in a great deal.

Though the bloom is less spectacular than the Asiatics---because it isn't precocious---I'll concede that it is a very handsome plant.

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I have wisteria Blue Moon planted up against the south side of my home, this year it had put on about 10' of growth for a total of about 16' high. The blooms are nice, though also the foliage being very attractive. I have a second plant that I'll plant upon an arch as you have done ... your photo looks great.


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Terry, where you live in zone 3, have you ever had any die-back of the vines during winter?


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Hi Kevin ... I should have stated that it was a large container plant that had been set out this spring ... though, I've heard of others having success with Blue Moon and even a less hardy variety (don't know the name) that has been growing for years in Calgary, Alberta zone 3.


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Thanks Terry. If you ever find out the name of the other hardy variety, please let me know. I'm also growing Wisteria sinensis with success after 6-7 years of the vine dieing back to the ground. Each year they came back with greater vigor, and the vines have survived the winters for the last 3-4 years. I'm just learning how to prune them so that they bloom. Can't wait for the first bloom.


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Hi does any body know Where I can get the Blue Moon Wisteria in Calgary.

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Being in zone 3 I've always envied those who could grow Wisteria's. This year I read about one that a grower had been growing in the Minneapolis area for about twenty years and it is now on the market.It is named Aunt Dee's Wisteria and is hardy to zone 4. I did buy one and I'm going to put it next to the house so it might get some warmth from the basement, They say it needs protection. You never know unless you try it! Maybe I wasted my mmoney, maybe not!

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Hi Kathryn, I just bought a Blue Moon Wisteria from Costco in the NW. Being a new gardener, I am a bit nervous about planting Wisteria!

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Natalie403, if a wisteria is going to survive in your climate, it will be 'Blue Moon'. I've sure been impressed with this variety. It has never had any die back of it's vines and right now is currently loaded with flower buds. I'll take another picture of it when it's in full bloom.


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I didn't know you were growing wisteria. I actually sent you a private email. I posted my thread about my question on wisteria at Perennials last year and last month.

Where did you buy Blue Moon?



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garyfla_gw(10 Florida)

What a beutiful arbor!! Did you make that and what material is it?? I make all mine from rebar and PVC pipe .
While they work never accused of being pretty lol
Still looking for a rot proof ,hurricane proof ,beautiful maintenence free model that is dirt cheap lol gary

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Hi Neil! I've bought 'Blue Moon' wisteria, good to -40 F. at several places. Right now the on-line companies that sell them are Greer Gardens and Rare-Find Nursery. I've also bought them in the past from Klehm's Song Sparrow Nursery.

Hi Gary in Florida! Believe it or not, I picked up this swinging bench arbor at Sam's Club one year. They were closing them out for about $100.00. The original price was 3-4 times that amount. I haven't seen them since, or I'd probably buy another one! It was already painted when I bought it. All I had to do is put it together. I have touched it up with white paint just once, so far.

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Hi Kevin,

Thanks for the store names. Is it true that they can grow upto 15 ft in one year? How long does the bloom lasts?


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Hi v1rtu0s1ty! Yes, they can grow up to 15 feet in one year with prime conditions. I think mine grew about 10 feet where I live. Mine are just blooming now since we've had lots of cool and rainy weather the last 3 weeks. I'll post pictures when they are in full bloom.

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Hi arctictropical! Beautiful wisteria! Did you do any special pruning?

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I bought one at Extra foods (superstore) yesterday

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Hi Sandy0603! Sorry for the delay in replying. No special pruning. I just pruned the vines that were sticking out away from the trellis too far. That's it! By the way, I kept some seed from last year, if anyone wants to try growing it from seed. I germinated a few seeds last month just to see that would happen, and I now have two baby wisteria vines.

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Beautiful photos arctictropical!!

I currently have my one year old wisteria planted on the south side of my husband's garage- it is in full sun at the base and will have some shading from the overhang for the vines once they get going. My questions is: where is the most suitable spot to plant these? - In regards to optimum growth. This winter, I thought it had died, but sure enough it popped out about a month ago and is seemingly growing well but still very small. ( no mulching or protection )
Any imput would be appreciated as I'm from Vancouver and would LOVE to have this in my garden.
I live in NW Calgary now.
Thanks for your time,

BTW - I bought mine last year and just saw them today for sale at Golden Acres off McKnight in Calgary ( approx. $40 ) 2 gal

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Hi hulashaker.... sorry for the delay in replying. I would grow them in as much sunlight as possible. Is it an oriental variety, or American variety, like 'Blue Moon'? If it is an oriental variety, it pretty much requires full sun to do well.

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Looks beautiful!
Can any wisteria handle sandy soil, across the street from the beach in southern California?

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I have a blue moon wisteria about 4years old.the last two years around the middle of July it loses it's leaves and really do not know why.It is planted in a bottomed out whiskey barrel.Can any one help.After it blooms i cut off the seed pods.

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Does anyone know where I can get a Blue Moon Wisteria here in Oregon? I live in Eugene. If not, would anyone be willing to send me a cutting or even seed?

I am wanting to to start a Blue Moon Wisteria bonsai tree! Any help would be much appreciated :)

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