When to trasplant vining honeysuckle?

cactusmcharrisSeptember 14, 2009

I've got two vining and variegated hunks of honeysuckle that need relocation, either now (when it's still semi-warm but definitely cooling) or in the springtime when the vine starts new growth from the stump? Right now they're growing quite well but I imagine we'll only have a week or two more of this weather before the mornings/evenings are consistently chipper.

In this specific case, and generally (when other plants need to get moved), is there a better time to transplant?

With my potted succulent plants, particularly the deciduous ones, unless the plant is definitely dormant, I generally repot only when they're in active growth.

Thanks for your thoughts,


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Oh yes, in addition to the spelling correction in the title, the currently growing plants are doing well in a mix of native soil amended with bagged top soil and manure, along with some bone meal and transplant juice (the 5-15-5 one). I'm guessing that I can leave out the bone meal and transplant juice if I transplant near the end of the growing season. Let me know if you think otherwise, please.

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Is this the proper place to ask this question?

I'm reckoning that this vining honeysuckle qualifies as a vine so I'm asking here, but if there's somewhere else more appropriate would someone let me know where, please.

Thanks - it's the beginning of fall and not many transplant days left.

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OK, you've convinced me to ask somewhere else.

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thistle(ontario 5b)

I just came accross your post and since I was looking for an answer to the same question,I found this.Hope it helps.
Honeysuckle is a woody shrub with a vining habit that can easily be transplanted in the autumn of each year when it goes dormant. In warmer climates where honeysuckle often does not go dormant, it may be moved nearly any time, excluding the hottest summer temperatures. With a little preparation a few weeks before the move and a gentle relocation technique, honeysuckle can be transplanted and propagated with ease

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