The true purpose of Halloween

chuckiebtooOctober 29, 2013

Every year about this time, a lotta people wonder why Halloween is so popular. I once was one of those people.

Never understood why people put up more elaborate spooky decorations and lawn treatments than they do for Christmas.

Don't wonder...just enjoy the treasure that's been prepared for you. For anyone not fully taking advantage of the riches, please prepare for the harvest awaiting.

After Halloween, worms' favorite food winds up laying around in yards....rotting, and a nuisance to all those candy-bloated Christmas shoppers.

Pumpkins will be your best friend. Do your neighors a favor...they'll thank you for it.


Five years ago I gave my neighbors a little note explaining my lust for pumpkins. Then, and every year since....without notes, they give me a call.

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Yes I cut up half of a rotten pumpkin last week and placed it in my worm bin. The next day it was covered with worms....have not checked it since then so it might be gone by now. At Thanksgiving I plan on giving them my sweet potato skins which I will have a lot of.

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Reason for Halloween: so we can go around the neighbourhood the day after and collect as much pumpkins a we need. Yep, the neighbours thank us and so do the worms.
It will be our garbage day too this year. Not good.

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Garbage day is great. "On the curb, on the market".

Some people who give me pumpkins like to keep them for a while leading up to Thankgiving.

Sometimes they're getting REALLY worm-ready.

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Do you put the rotton pumpkin in the bin with the rind? Or do you freeze and chop first? Curious minds want to know.

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I plunk it into the bin whole, as it is so much fun to follow the progress!

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Yes. For some reason watching things rot is more interesting than one would imagine.

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"Do you put the rotton pumpkin in the bin with the rind? Or do you freeze and chop first?"

Both. However, it's a lot easier to chop first and then freeze:)

One other thing: Pumpkins you get early after boo-day aren't rotten yet and will last a long time (Christmas?) before beginning to noticibly decompose. (A lotta people don't do any carving on them anymore)


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I threw out a request on my Freecycle a couple of years ago asking for pumpkins. I spent one Saturday driving around picking up people's pumpkins and had a blast.

I cut them into chunks and into the food processor and then froze. A lot of food for the lads!

With green binning, people throw their pumpkins into the bin, which is why I specifically asked on Freecycle.

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I just moved to the country and expanded my worm farm. Now I have two bacon flavored turd factories that are chowing down on used pumpkins.

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