update: mnf garden junk

diene(Z4ME)September 3, 2008

I am not good with posting pictures and we do not need to post all the rules as the only thing left is for Dan's box to be acknowledged.

A very important part of a round robin is for the recipient to post what they received.

Are you out there Jay & Rhonda?


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Started a post a hour ago,got sidetracked by the baby,came back & finished it. After it posted I saw this one was already up. LOL!!! Thanks Diene!!

Just a repost from the other thread:

jay & rhonda send to kalena~ received
linda sends to nikki ~received
joan sends to dan ~received
kalena sends to dirt~received
marie sends to vic ~ received
deb sends to diene~received
dan sends to jay & rhonda ~received
diene sends to deb ~received
vic sends to marie~received
dirt sends to linda~ received
nikki sends to joan~received

YAY!!!! All the boxes arrived!!! Still waiting to hear from Jay & Rhonda to find out what was in their box.

Don't forget to leave feedback for your buddy on the rate & review forum!Also(PLEASE) do a search on their name before starting a new post.

Thanks to all who joined & chatted!

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tracyvine(6 NE Ohio)

Has anyone heard from Jay and Rhonda? I am waiting to update the spreadsheet so I can send it on to Linda. Thanks!


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Yes! We're out here!! We received an awesome box from Dan the Mailman! A 'purple' garden scarecrow on a stick, a large tin pot w/orange flower, sweet william plants, silver maple seedlings, staghorn fern, yellow yarrow, a ground cover, beautiful deep orange annual flowers, and a variety of 8 types of seeds! Wow! Thank you Dan!! sorry so late in posting -- football season, fall, 3 new lambs and the regular M-F rat race ....... :) Thanks again! Jay & Rhonda

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Jay & Rhonda ~ gald you guys were able to come out of the woods!!!Sounds like you got a great box.

YAY!!! Now we can say that the MNF Garden Junk is now CLOSED!!!!!

Thanks again to everyone for making my first hosting gig fun & easy!!!


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