climbing ivy - how to spur growth

micaaronflSeptember 13, 2012

i know i may appear crazy with wanting english climbing ivy to grow, but is there any fertilizer i can get aside from miracle grow to help it along?

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No. btw, fertilizing is generally not very efficient at spurring plant growth. Fertilizers only provide nutrients that a plant may be lacking, usually not much of an issue unless grown in a container. It is a bit of a misnomer to consider it 'plant food' - plants manufacture their own food - and it does not encourage more rapid growth.

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Ivy. Is the ivy rooted, if not the last thing to do is add fertilizers/plant food to it.
Years ago we used English Ivy on hillsides for many home owners. We cut the vine about 8-12 inches & put the cut end in a slit in the ground, then packed the ground with our foot to remove air & watered. Nothing happen, the cutting stayed green, but no growth until Spring, then it grew every little, by the next year it was starting to cover the bed.
So if it is a cutting, it is easy to root, but it takes time. "IVY sleeps, creep, then it will run up your leg" is what the Nurserymen would tell the home owner we worked for.
If the ivy is rooted, but has been removed from a container, it may be in shock. Did you work up a bed with compost & good drainage?
There are a lot of thing that may be holding the ivy back, but it is a tough plant & can be found growing wild.I like Ivalace & Needlepoint as well as variegated Algerian Ivy all which you can get from

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actually it was planted in the spring and it is growing nicely, but i just wanted to see if anything could make it super grow

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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL


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