Good tree next to driveway

stinkbone(8a)April 28, 2009


I live in DFW, and I would like to plant a tree pretty close to the driveway. Maples are out because of surface roots. What is the opposite of maples when it comes to surface roots? FYI - I like oaks (lacey, burr, or red).

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lou_midlothian_tx(z8 DFW, Tx)

I planted shantung maples few feet from my driveway. Asian maples in general do not have aggressive surface roots like American maples. Also, shantung maples do not get very big so they won't cause problems to the driveway over time. No acorns to deal with. Doesn't seem to have much of pollens like oaks that would cover cars with yellow powdery stuff.

Oaks could pose problems to the driveway if planted close enough because they will eventually get very large. We're talking probably about 20,30 years. You won't probably be even there to see the problem. Lacey oak stays small but VERY SLOW grower. My neighbor's lacey oak barely grew past 2 years.

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pjtexgirl(7b DFW)

something tall enough or far away enough to drive under. Something that doesn't drop a bunch of litter on your car.
Something w/o aggressive roots.
I'd keep them at least 10 ft back like the house foundation. PJ

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you didn't say what the purpose of the tree is - shade? a screen? something tall, wide, flowering, evergreen, etc.

As for trees next to a driveway, the best answer is just say no. Eventually you will see your driveway move up or down when the roots affect it - which they will in our climate and soil. What about crepe myrtles? They come in a "tree" form but are really just shaped bushes - without the root damage worry.

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Or the birds will sit above your car and leave you little gifts, lots and lots and lots of little gifts. Which won't come off, causing you to swerve and curse while driving cause you can't see, then the police pull you over, and you get in a fight with them, where you get sprayed with mace, wrestled to the ground, thrown in a squard car, taken to the mental hospital, put in a staight jacket and you have to sit all day by a window...where you watch the birds leaving little gifts on the cars in the parking lot which causes you to start swearing and jumping around in your straight jacket and the orderlies rush in and wrestle you to the ground and stick you in the butt with a tranquilizer and prop you up where you see the birds......

Just say no.
Tally HO!

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In my opinion the worst thing you can plant next to a driveway is a crepe myrtle. These plants are kind of a love hate thing for me though. They take a bit of maintenance to contro mildew and retain shape- which I dont mind. It's the sap that comes off of them nearly all summer which gets all over your car and is a p.i.t.a to get off that bugs me.

If you like the shape and ease of crepes then why not try a chaste tree? They take almost no maintenance and are very hardy. You'll get bees when in bloom of course, but none of the summer long sap that a crepe brings. Plus if you deadhead them quickly enough you'll get a second show a few weeks later.

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