I Want This Vine!!!

karyn1(7a)September 7, 2012

I actually think this is Photoshopped and am not sure what it really is. A friend sent me this link with the vine being called Chuchu (chayote) and a couple other sites list it as a passiflora. Could you imagine a vine with fruit like this growing in your yard?!

Here is a link that might be useful: I want this vine

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littleonefb(zone 5, MA)

That's too much.

Talk about a conversation piece if it where growing in your yard.

Too much, Karyn,


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not photoshopped, it was discussed a while ago. the story said she started charging people to go into her yard to see this unique shaped fruit.

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March 4, 2011 11:20
Passion fruit
Brazilian gardener Maria Rodrigues de Aguiar Farias, 53, shows off penis-shaped passion fruit growing in her backyard.

A vine producing penis-shaped passion fruit has been discovered by a gardener in the Brazilian city of San Jose de Ribamar, in the country�s north. Normally round, the fruit is native to South America and its tart pulp can be found flavoring everything from sweet desserts to caipirinhas, the Brazilian national cocktail.

Although none of the penis-shaped variety are ripe yet, the woman who grew them, Maria Rodrigues de Aguiar Farias, 53, told the news site G1 so many visitors want to see the plants that she�s started charging admission.

"I charge two reals to look, 15 for taking photographs, and 20 to shoot video," she said. (That's a little over $1 to see, $9 for a snapshot and $12 for video).

A local government plant expert has examined the fruit and pronounced it healthy, G1 reported. While it remains to be seen how good the plant�s pulp tastes, the shape itself shouldn�t be a reason to shy away, said Marcelo Cavallari, with the Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation.

On the contrary.

"It's pretty big, it's pretty thick," Cavallari said. "It may even reach 15 to 20 cm in length."

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Don't believe everything you read. I saw all that and it's precisely why I think it has been Photoshopped. That's the only pic available. If it was for real I do believe there would be more then that one pic available.

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its definitely not photoshopped. but the fruits could be fake. the original story is from Brasil, i can't read their language, i think Portugese. one translation said their dept of agriculture thinks its a mutation.

there's atleast 2 video footage of the place on youtube.

here's a Brasil site with some different photos.

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You've changed my mind. I couldn't find anything besides that one photo. I wonder if the mutant phallic fruit produced any seed? Any idea what variety of passiflora that was?

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i looked on google map and San Jose de Ribamar is an actual city on the north shore of Brazil.

most likely this: Giant passionfruit (Passiflora quadrangularis)





the pics on these websites match the Brasil website pic

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Karyn, Karyn, Karyn - ommmmmmmm! LOL Obviously, it has been shaped by an artificial means - the only fruit that actually grows like that, that I'M aware of, is peter Pepper.

If there was a vine that produced beautiful flowers, as does the Passiflora quadrangularis AND this shape of fruit, there would be some very rich folks growing it!

I'll take TWO - need an incase, ya know!!!!

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tried to find some more info on this,

did some searches on Marcelo Cavallari, and he does work for the Agriculture Research (Embrapa). in one of the articles he said the shape was most likely caused by a mutation with either the pollen or from a beetle. thus from one of the pics why only some of the fruits had the phallic shape and the other fruits were oval(normal) shaped.

supposedly the towns people used the fruit as the theme for their "pre-carnival" celebration.

these links are from Bing w/ Microsoft translation


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I don't believe a word of it! First of all, passion vine fruit does NOT grow that size and second of all, this vine would be all over the world and Hugh Hefner would own all the rights to it, if indeed it naturally grew phallus-shaped!!!!

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i'm a tiny bit skeptical, but really interested if its real. so i created an account on the Discovery Channel and posted this on the MythBusters forum.


kayjones, i understand your disbelief, but blantantly saying that "passion vine fruit does NOT grow that size" is untrue. did you not even read what've posted about Passiflora quadrangularis. i know daves...garden (spam alert or some BS) is a reputable site among gardeners, so here a link to their site with a pic of a Passiflora quadrangularis that looks to be about 12" long and 5-6" wide.

http://daves *delete this space* garden.com/guides/pf/showimage/292193/

here is Purdue University's site

"The largest fruit in its genus, the giant granadilla, Passiflora quadrangularis L. (syn. P. macrocarpa M.T. Mast.), is often called merely granadilla, or parcha, Spanish names loosely applied to various related species; or it may be distinguished as granadilla real, grandadilla grande, parcha granadina or parcha de Guinea.

The pleasantly aromatic, melon-like fruit is oblong-ovoid, 4 3/4 to 6 in (12-15 cm) wide, and 8 to 12 in (10-30 cm) long;"

California Dept of Food and Ag
"Yellow or yellowish-green fruit, oblong ovoid, often three grooved, sometimes with purple spots, 8 to 12 inches long."

your second statement of "second of all, this vine would be all over the world and Hugh Hefner would own all the rights to it, if indeed it naturally grew phallus-shaped!!!!" the articles specifically quoted the supposed agriculture expert saying it was a mutation of some sort, possibly by a beetle. and technically speaking, Mr. Hefner could not own the rights to this plant, b/c he nor his company did not cultivate this particular variety, and did not patent it.

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Some passiflora fruit does get huge. I've grown P. quadrangularis. It blooms late here and there's never been enough time for the fruit to ripen but I have seen very large quadrangularis fruit grown in other areas. I've even had an edulis fruit that was 4x the size of an average fruit though there was just the 1 giant. The remainder were average. After reading more of what houstontexas123 has posted I'm no longer so skeptical. I didn't post this to start any drama and at first really did believe the pics were Photoshopped. I just thought it people would enjoy seeing the pics.

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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL(8B AL)

I was amused, fake or not. Thanks!

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no drama here. just presenting any info i was able to find. i knew it wasnt photoshopped b/c i had seen the video before. as to whether they actually mutated, i think its plausible.

there are some mutations or deformities when insects bite fruit or plants. i know my live oaks get these ball shaped woody things on their branches. i looked it up and it was caused by a wasp that injects a chemical into the branch and lays an egg into that spot. i know and have seen these types of deformities on tomatoes, squash, citrus, pears and leafy vegetables. i'm sure there are a lot more examples out there.

but what got my panties in a bunch was just a few posts above, i had linked several websites and a picture of Passiflora quadralandris showing that there is a variety of passion fruit that does get that big, thus its common name is Giant passion fruit.

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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL(8B AL)

Ugh, sorry, in a twist is one thing, but in a bunch is really annoying!

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my dragonfruit plants got frozen. been thinking of trying passion fruit vines. came across a few deformities that reminded me of this topic.

about the 8th picture down:

a passion fruit farm, first 2 minutes you'll see the deformed fruits:

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i want one too
i actually just want a big good tasting passion i can grow in Louisiana.

i am thinking of emailing this gal to get seeds...


Here is a link that might be useful: ginat passionfruit

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