Free barrels from car wash

folly_grows(10 SF by the Bay)October 14, 2008

Found this interesting post on the Frugal Gardening Forum:

Sounds exactly like the 55-gallon barrels that some folks are using for flow-thru worm systems.

Between free barrels from a car wash, free coffee grounds from Starbucks, and free old veggies from the health food store, we could have some very happy worms.

Here is a link that might be useful: Free rain-compost barrels from your local car wash!

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Careful with the coffee grounds. I was bringing home grounds from work for my worm bin, and after a couple of weeks it started smelling like ammonia. This was only with one or two pots worth of used grounds every other day. I was still putting in cardboard and whatnot as well.

Now, I only put work grounds in once every other week. The rest go somewhere else around the house.

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folly_grows(10 SF by the Bay)

Don't forget the Vermiculturist's mantra:

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