mating or escaping?

CelbriseOctober 18, 2012

my bin has been heating up because i added some food and the thing is i added it to half the bin only the other half is cool.

anyways this morning i open up my bin and BAM a lot of worms are in the left corner where it is cool and almost at the surface. idk if they are mating or trying to escape. i did not see any on the floor but i mean it does look like they are trying to escape. the bin has been in this condition for 3 days now so the heat isn't that strong. i am still new to vermicomposting this is my 2nd week only so i cannot tell if they are trying to mate or escaping. the past 2 days it was not like this at all and the bin was heating up at that time as well due to the food don't think any are dead.

also i found some weird yellow seed looking things idk if they are worm eggs or dead maggots as i found some maggots in my worm bin. they are pretty yellow/dark yellow and on the walls of the worm bin. they are oval shaped and from the looks of pics of egg sacs they kind of don't look like them. but i was wondering if they are egg sacs is it possible for them to hatch without water i mean they are on the wall their is no bedding near it or am i going to need to add more bedding and keep the eggs moist

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"OK guys, here's the plan. Right after dark we go over the North wall and ... whoops, he's back again - quick, pretend we're having an orgy!"

But seriously. Red wrigglers like to hang out with each other. It doesn't mean they're up to anything. Mating is obvious because the two worms involved will be stuck to each other. But this is a family forum so I will say no more.

Heat in one part of the bin can drive worms to a far corner, and if you get extremely dense, tight clusters packed in a corner - great pink heaving masses of nothing but worm - that may be a sign of trouble. But it sounds like you're on top of the temperature. Just feed slowly. This is the hard part about starting out -- you have to relax and deal with the fact that it may take six months to get the bin up to any kind of processing capacity.

Anything stuck to the wall is almost certainly not a worm cocoon - those have a hard non-sticky shell.

Plenty of bedding, make sure it doesn't dry out, and feed slowly. That's all you need, plus patience. Try looking at your bin only once every other day.

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Yea I been trying to figure out the feeding that is my main problem now. Along with checking the bin to often. I will try pocket feeding next time and also checking less often so I don't stress them out so much

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