Harvesting Wild Nightcrawler Castings

curt_growOctober 22, 2009

We had a nice break in the weather so I spend an hour picking Crawler Poo. I picked about 1 and 1\2 gallon in that time. I was wondering if anyone else has experience with poo picking, or at least a few ideas to try. I used a trowl and my hands for tools and yes I washed my hands before typing this. Thank you. Oh a few questions.

Is wild Canadian night crawler poo the same as vericompost poo?

Would laying a peace of cardboard or wood on the ground in the wet season help?

I am growing some lettuce indoors will this be a good side dressing?

Curt:-) Lets all try to be a little greener.

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Wow, free range worming, that's a whole new level of worm fanaticism/insanity. This sounds like a lot more labor intensive (hunting around for worm deposits) than just keeping a worm bin.

Should be the same benefits as vermicompost but the composition of vermicompost can vary depending on what the worms were fed, bedding used, state of decomposition etc.

Worms will crawl around through corrugated cardboard, the glue that holds it together is a good nitrogen source that worms can live off of. If you lay some on the ground it can help to concentrate the worms in that area but don't anecic worms (canadian nightcrawlers, dew worms) eat at the surface and then crawl into underground burrows and deposit the castings there?

A good side dressing as in for growing the lettuce then yes. Castings promote plant growth, health, etc. As a side dressing for the lettuce as in for a salad, then (not through personal experience) I'd say no.

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I need to explain a little more. My yard is crawling with crawlers.I don't think I can take a step with out stepping on castings. I think it is from mulch mowing the leaves and grass. I hual in the leaves for my compost piles.All so no chemicals on this land for 15 years. At any rate finding the castings is easy enough I guess but picking them from the grass is the problem. Insanity,well that had crossed my mind lol.

Curt:-) Lets all try to be a little greener

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there must be an easier way than "picking" them from the grass.
You know that broom that is sold with a long handled dust pan? Well, you can use the dust pan and instead of a broom, attach something flat to that handle so you can push the poop onto the dust pan. Would that be easier on your back? LOL.

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Thanks otis I never thought of standing up to harvest. A dogie pooper scooper might work. Lets see here maybe a dust pan and one of those hair picks would work, you know those dangerous looking things people use with long hair,the ones with a row of metal spikes. You know I don't mind getting on the ground,but I am getting to the age where up is a little hard. Anyways bet I can pick 2 gal. in a half hour if the weather is good. You need about 1 good drying day after a rain. Thanks.

Curt:-) lets all try to be a little greener.

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Well I picked some more. Every one know what a winter minnow scoop is. Well for the lucky ones that don't, they are like a small cat litter scoop but built stronger to take freezing ice. Well the grass has died back some more and it was easy to scrape castings up, 35 minuets yielded two gallons What is that 20 Lbs? Not much work at all.I think the crawlers are very active in the fall as this was the same area as I harvested In the original post. Yes it works great I am harvesting lettuce and Swiss Chard from my indoor garden using Wild Worm Poo for fertilizer.

Curt :-/

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have you thought of using a wet/dry shop vac? may save your back some.

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