What is this amazing vine??

lilokiegardener(7)September 14, 2009

My neighbor planted this and it came through our fence. It smells absolutely amazing! The flowers look like mini orchids on spikes and are followed by purple pea-pod seed pods.

WHAT IS IT!!? My neighbor works a different schedule than me so I can't ask her! I would love to grow it, but would like to know more about it.

What is its name? Is it perennial, does it self sow or do I need to collect the pods? When should I collect them? When should I plant it?

Thanks so much!!

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It looks like Hyacinth Bean on my cell phone screen; I have grown it a long time ago but didn't take time to smell the flowers. Maybe it is Corkscrew vine? That one is very fragrant.


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That's hyacinth bean for sure. It's an annual and you need to collect the seed pods for next year. It can self sow and actually become very invasive if you don't get all the seed pods, as it easily self sows.
On the other hand, you can easily pull up all the extra seedlings in the spring, if you don't want all of them where they come up.

I would collect as many of them as I could, If I where you, just to be safe on the self sowing part, or if you have my like, when you want seeds to self sow they never do and when you don't want them to, you have them everywhere.


Here is a link that might be useful: pictures and info on hyacinth bean vine

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I agree with Fran, definitely Hyacinth Bean. There's a white variety too. They look really pretty growing together.

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