Moving wisteria and trumpet vine...

lesaa(z6)September 12, 2006

Can I do this now or should I wait until spring. They are both small, about 2ft.

thanks in advance

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Please think twice befor you grow the Trumpet Vine,(the vine from hell). I can't immagine also, growing Wisteria along with it. Tear them out, and grow something tamer. Don't mean to be offensive, but I'm sure you must not realize what you're growing, or you wouldn't. Someday when your garden is free from them comming up everywhere, you will remember and thank the Vine forum. :) arum

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I'm going to have to agree with Arum about the Trumpet Vine. My Wisteria is moderately invasive but isn't nearly as bad as the Trumpet Vine. I've been trying to kill a Trumpet Vine for over 8 years with no success.

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donnaz5(Z5 NY)

i noticed that the 2 previoys posters are in zone're in 6, i'm in 5. my trumpet and wisteria here don't get invasive, the trumpet dies right to the ground in winter, and is just a nice full vine for me. i wonder if in zone 6 you should ask neighbors or cooperative extension in your area about how rampant they really get in your zone.
this is a good time of year to transplant them..i usually watch the forecast and do it just before we're in for a few days of rain, i think the cloud cover, rain, and humidity helps them transplant better. try not to damage the main trunk of your this stage, with the trumpet, i'd cut it back on top to a manageable size...just get all of the roots you can on both, water well..even if you expect rain, and you should be fine. good luck, donna

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Please take arum advice and get the trumpet vine out well the gettings good. I'm in zone 5 and I've been fighting a losing battle here for 2 years. The runners sprout out 10 and 20 feet from the parent.

When it finally does flower, that's when the real fun starts. I've heard them say that the hummers like this vine, but so does every other living insect/pest. If it flies or crawls in the garden you will find it in the vine.

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westy1941(Boulder County, CO)

I was about to start a thread re Trumpet Vine removal and I'm not surprised to see how many are in a chopping down frame of mind. Mine is three years old in Zone 5 (Chicago 'burbs) but my son wants it - he lives in a two story brick townhome attached to three others and all have decks. I warned him and he warned everyone else, but they want it, so they're getting it - is it imperative that I get ALL the root system (for their sake - I plan to use Vine-X to kill anything remaining in my yard). And should we add compost/manure or am I right in thinking it will grow in cinders?


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I cannot believe the hatred for the trumpet vine. It's simple. The trumpet vine is a beautiful plant that flowers all summer long. It's easy or should I say effortless to maintain. If you cut them back in the fall, you'll have a very healthy flowering bush in the summer. I once saw one 30 feet tall at a monistary in southern IN. It was stunning. I love 'em!

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