Got some, now what do I do with it?

chilipete(7)October 6, 2009


A year ago I started my first worm bin. I think its ready to harvest now. I used a rubbermaid plastic bin, I think 13 gallons, which is about 1/3 full of worm compost. I wasn't sure what to do with it now. I started it because my garden has horrible soil. One area I use as a small rose garden. The other main area I use as a butterfly garden, which I plant mainly annuals. My garden is just about done for the year - the annuals are dying off and the roses are going to start shutting down for the winter.

There are 3 options I can think of:

1)Save it until the spring. If I put out the compost now, will it be "gone" by the spring when I really want the soil to be nice and fertile?

2) Put it around the roses. If I do this, how much should I put around each rose to make a difference and really enrich the soil?

3) Spread it around the butterfly garden area. If I do this, how deep a layer should I put? Also is it enough to just spread it or should I somehow dig I hole or something?

Any advice would be appreciated. It took a year to get this stuff, I would hate to waste it by doing something stupid like spreading it too thin or putting it down now when I should have waited until next spring.

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You can save the compost until spring without any loss of viability. Just keep it warm and damp in a ventilated container, an old worm bin would be perfect.

In addition to storing the compost you will be able to save the baby worms as they hatch out.

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