Where to move the worm bin to for winter

mherron2213October 23, 2013

I am about to move my worm bin into the house for the Winter. The area into which i am going to move it has an area approximately 3 feel long. At the far right of the area is the clothes dryer. Immediately in front of the dryer is a heat vent from a forced air heater. I also have to place a cat litter box in the same area. I would like comments about placing the worm bin over the heat vent. If i place the litter box over the vent - the air flow will be blocked. Any alternate suggestions are welcomed.

thanks - Mike

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Just place it inside the house. 70 degrees is good enough for them. That dryer vent placement might cause some heated reactions from the wormies......also dehydration stuff.

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And vibration? Worms don\t like that.

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Sorry I was not clear. The vent is not a dryer vent. The vent is in the floor and is part of the house heating system.


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I dont think I would want the bin over the heat vent. The bin could go most anywhere that it is rather dark. I have my bin in the house all the time in a closet no problem.

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I've got a similar issue with winter coming. Just moved up North to a smaller place with no basement. Right now my three 18 gallon tote worm bins are in the junk room (soon to be my son's room.) The boy's mom will be none too happy to have him sharing his room with the worms, so I gotta move them outside. I have a couple options and looking for some advice on which to go with.
Should I combine all three bins into one to try to maintain some sort of heat? IâÂÂve got a fairly well insulated shed that I could move them to, or I could move them into the chicken coop. I think the birds are too dumb to pop the lid off and eat them. Or I could dig a tub shaped hole in the ground and hope the ground keeps them insulated. Or I could make some sort of windrow and dump the tubs. I now have a steady supply of chicken droppings and pig manure. Might have a supply of rabbit manure if I can find some rabbits around here. Composting all that crap might generate enough heat to defrost a windrow, or it might not. You never know with Wisconsin winters.

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When my ex-hubby and I had the house 10 years ago, I had the worms in the basement. He was okay with them for a while, but I got a fruit-fly problem and then they had to go outside.

Living in Ontario, he built a little lean-to at the sunny side of the house, against the brick wall. We lined it with sheets of styrofoam, put the bin inside and stuffed the spaces with straw.

I loaded up the bin with dried leaves and lots of food. The lean-to had a hinged lid and we put a window on top for the sun to keep warm.

I fed them as long as I could, but when it got too cold, I left them alone. Come spring, we checked on them and they were alive and squirming.

I live in an apartment and have continued worming. They've been in a spare room, in the corner somewhere. Anyone that's seen the bin, a real worm bin with a picture of a worm, and "A worm friendly habitat" printed on the bin, has never asked what was in it.

Niivek, why would your ex-wife object to the worm bin being in your son's room? Did she object when you had it before? I'm assuming it was in your basement. She would know that there's little if any smell, or any other objectionable thing to having a worm bin.

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"Come spring, we checked on them and they were alive and squirming." Just as fun as seeing those first greens of spring popping out of the ground.

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Thanks Jasdip . I'll see if I can find some styrofoam in the wood pile and ask my sister to start knitting a few thousand tiny scarves and mittens.

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LOL Niivek!!! Too cute!

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HereâÂÂs what I did. Combined two of my three triple stack farms. I lined one base with cardboard and newspaper, then put the other base in that and added some more cardboard and newspaper. Put one of the bottom drip through in that, then the bin with the worms. On top of that, I put the other drip through pins filled with newspaper and cardboard. Also poured about a cup of uncooked rice in that one (hopefully it will slowly get wet from humidity and heat up as it composts) Basically surrounded them with tons of poor manâÂÂs insulation/ bedding and put the whole stack in the shed on top of a ratty old futon mattress I got from the land-lady.

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As I mentioned before my bins are inside and doing well as expected.

Memory goes back to when I first started my bins and I had escapes most every day in my plastic bin[finding maybe 10-12 worms on the floor], perhaps too wet perhaps too many in my small space of 24x17x7. I guess it just takes a little time for the worms and wormer to get it all right. Now not even one single worm leaves the saftey and comfort of the bins--- that is unless I flood the bins with gallons of water.

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