I can't identify a vine that I saw at my brothers outside wedding

both(z5IL)September 2, 2007

I attended the wedding of my brother this weedend in Hinsdale Il and the host had a vine on her pergola that was beautiful and I can't find the name of it after looking over pics on the web of hardy vines. She is zone 5 so it has to be hardy. It is a mature vine in the ground (not in a pot) that goes up a pillar and over part of a pergola. There are actually three of them each on a different pillar. The leaf has a lobed or palmate shape. It is not clematis, honey suckle, trumpet vine, wisteria, silver lace vine, duchman, kiwi, climbing hydrangea. I would love if any one would give some ideas and I can look up a pic to identify it. I think the leaves had some white coloring on the green. It was producing some small berries. It did not sucker and did not twine like wisteria. The leaves were not as big as grape leaves (they were about two inches wide and about three inches long). The vine at the base was about one inch thick. Any ideas??? Thanks Amy

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tjsangel(z5 OH)

Could it be a variegated porcelain vine, Ampelopsis brevipedunculata?


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Jen, That's it!!! YEAH!!! Thank you so much. I think it is beautiful. Do you have it? I am kinda sad to see that it does not bloom but the foliage is wonderful. Amy

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tjsangel(z5 OH)

Just a lucky guess on my part. Dont have this one, wish I had room for it. It's a gorgeous vine.


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nckvilledudes(7a NC)

It can also be invasive as all get out. Watch out for seedlings of it popping up every where once it gets established. I do however think the teal blue, purple and mauve colored berries are delightful. Oh yeah, if you have japanese beetles, it draws them from miles. Take it from someone who grew it trained on a wall for several years until the seedlings started germinating all over my and both of my neighbors' yards and the japanese beetles descended on it year after year.

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bluebars(7 MD)

I should post a pic of this "lovely vine" growing in the forest behind us, where there were once lovely native dogwood trees and spicebush.

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