growing Apios americana from tubers

kchd(7b/8a MS)September 5, 2013

Hi vine lovers,
I have a string of a few tubers of Apios americana. I intend to plant them to grow my own plant(s). My question is this: Can I divide up the tubers and plant one each per pot? Or is it best to leave them all together and plant in a single large pot?
thanks for any propagation info you care to share!

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Whatever you want - it would work either way, AS LONG as each piece has a growth point on it.

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They will take over the area. You can plant them directly into ground, they are hardy in Maine. All they want is a wet area. Caution: they will overgrow the goldenrod you have. Everything will eventually turn into Apios. Control is not difficult. I use a garden rake to prune them. Just drag the rake through the canopy, a lot os the vine comes out. It strips a few leaves from their scaffold of goldenrods, but I do it before the g-rod blooms.

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