spray bottle safe for worms? ( insecticide )

CelbriseOctober 6, 2012

my original spray bottle broke due to years of use and we have a lot laying around the house the thing is they are old and most likely have pesticide/insecticides. the one i washed out with just water had some i know that for sure.

i was wondering would this be safe to use even though i rinsed it out? i'll be using it for my worms to spray the bedding down from time to time so i really don't want to kill them.

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Do not chance it.

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i am currently soaking it in baking soda and water. hopefully it kills it. idk if i will chance it or not i am out of a soray bottle the all were broken. and i have no money to buy a new one

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Watch out for baking soda; it's *very* high in sodium. Make sure you rinse really well or neutralize with vinegar.

Do you need to use a spray bottle? Your cooler bin surely isn't dry already?

You could soak a paper towel and flop it over the bin to drip, or sprinkle water with your finger tips.

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I would either sprinkle water from my fingertips or use a spice jar. A spice jar normally has a lid with holes in it. Clean it out and fill it with water and you can lightly sprinkle water out of it. I would definitely not use that spray bottle, especially because you have mentioned money is tight and I would guess you can't afford to buy more worms if this goes south.

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