SpOoKy DeCorAtinG For HaLLoWeeN

paya10shn(4 SD)September 26, 2007

How do you decorate for this spooky time of year? I could'nt wait to get it all up. I just love this time of year. Hubby and I try to add something wickedly scary to the yard or porch each season. I am thinking this year I will try and make some mummy's and put in the yard.

The front porch!

It look's so spooky when the wind blow's it..

We add scary sounds at night, and have a tombstone luminated on the garage door.

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Hi Paya! Your decorations look great! Unfortunately for me, my hubby doesn't get into holidays too much. :( So the best I have is the lighted window decorations. You'll have to let us see how the mummies turn out!

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paya10shn(4 SD)

I know what you mean! My hubby could live without all the "stuff" as he calls it too.. But I just cant help myself. I just love to decorate!!


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