best way to clean up dead morning glories

beckyinrichmondSeptember 23, 2013

This year I planted morning glories to grow on a chain link fence across the back and they are gorgeous! Very lush growth, beautiful flowers now that they're finally blooming. My question: which is the easier way to remove dead vines when they are killed by frost? Should I remove them while they are still flexible or wait until they are brittle?

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I personally find it easier to remove them when they are still flexible.

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Thanks. Another question: can the vines go into a compost pile? If so, do they need to be cut up or can a whole glop of vines be added?

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Almost anything organic can be composted. An ideal mix breaks down quicker with smaller pieces, but there is no reason why you can't just toss your vines on your compost pile. You just may need to fork it around a bit more when you add other material and wait a bit longer .

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The frost has killed enough of the vines so they don't look pretty anymore so I took them down this afternoon. It was not as hard as I thought it would be. The vine's original stem was wound through the fence in its way to the top, but once it got to the top, it just lay on top and other vine growth lay on top of that. It was indeed a tangled mass of vines but it wasn't attached to the fence, other than the first stem. I cut some vines up and added them to my compost pile with shredded leaves but I have a huge ball of tangled vines that I'm going to leave in a pile by itself. I put it next to the compost pile so hopefully the two piles will help heat each other. I'm glad I got them off while the vines were flexible. It was fairly easy to get the vines off that were wound through the fence. I snipped every few inches and unwound the pieces.

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