1000 worms=half pound garbage/day?

greenthumbzdudeOctober 30, 2013

So I read on a couple of sites that 1000 worms will consume about a half pound of waste per day...does this seem accurate with what you have been experiencing? 1 month of vermicomposting via 1000 worms equals the consumption of about 15 pounds of waste. 1 year=180lbs waste.

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I have 2 stacked bins - I 'guess' approx 5000 worms total. I feed them about 1/2 lb of veggies mixed with newspaper about once a week. They are thriving and multiplying


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The 1000 worms is the starter culture similar to the tiny packet of yeast that can eventually grow to make a million loaves of bread.

Like MHERRON2213 who posted while I was signing in to reply... I guess the 1000 worms will eventually multiply into 5000 or more worms that will eventually eat "about 1/2 lb of veggies mixed with (bedding) about once a week."

Possibly in a professionally managed bin system where ground up composted horse manure is sprinkled over the by machine twice daily down a long row of bin some of the really great numbers of decomposition will happen. This is in a temperature controlled room with perfect moisture.

Luckily not only are the worms eating but other things in the bin are too and they help a bit.

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I think it is a rumor some worm farmer got started. I think maybe they will go through about 1/2 and up to their body weight in material. That material being what they are feeding on at the time which includes the bedding material. Its a puzzler for sure but let common sense be your guide.

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