growing native Wisterias from seed

kchd(7b/8a MS)September 7, 2013

Has anyone here ever grown Wisteria macrostachya or Wisteria frutescens from seed? I'd love to hear about it. I know they can take a long time to bloom from seed, but I'm still curious. It's one of those things that would be a major sense of accomplishment to me.

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Well, here in my area of NW Florida, they readily self-seed, so I don't think you would have a problem growing one from seed.

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Easy enough to grow from seed but you will be waiting a good long time for the vine to flower. Wisterias have to reach a specific flowering maturity before blooming and setting seed. With the Asian species, it can be as long as 20-25 years; with the American species, you are looking at 12-15 years.

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kchd(7b/8a MS)

Thanks for the responses so far.

No worries about waiting only 12-15 years for the native species to bloom. I grow several species of trees from seed, of which some will take quite awhile to mature (like my oaks).

Brings to mind one of my favorite quotes, which would also be fitting here:
"He that plants a tree loves others than himself."
- Dr. Thomas Fuller

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