Planting Pumpkins

jennifer9906(8/9)April 27, 2011


Does anyone plant pumpkins so that they can have them in the fall? I want to plant some different pumpkins for my girls so they can have a punkin patch... wondering when you plant and what varieties... I am on the coast so was thinking to plant in July so they will be ready to pick at the right time... please let me know what you do....

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pjtexgirl(7b DFW)

The only thing I know is that the SVB beetle (?) is a real pain for organic gardeners. It shows up in about July, lays eggs, then the larve kill the vine. I even injected BT but it didn't work.

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pjtexgirl(7b DFW)

I was wrong it's a moth that looks like a wasp. It's bright orange and lays like a zillion eggs.

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As soon as blooms open, dust them with sevin dust. I am not sure how ecologically friendly that is, but it will keep the squash vine borers away. Also, when you fertilize, keep the fertilizer away from the vine. If you have access to Dr. Sam Cotner's "The Vegetable Book A Texan's Guide to Gardening", you will have a wealth of info about growing them, although probably not a lot of info on which varieties are the "cuter" punkins. Have fun.

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texasflip(Nacogdoches, TX z8)

I hate to say it merryaustin, but that's probably the worst thing you could do ecologically, lol! Sevin is extremely extremely toxic to bees and the dust form is probably the worst because they can take it back to the hive and kill off large portions of it. I think the only thing you really can do to prevent SVB's is to plant as early as possible so the stems can get thick and woody before they come out and use varieties that are supposedly resistant.

Here is a link that might be useful: SQUASH VINE BORER AND SQUASH BUG

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HI all
I don't know anything and this might not pertain.....BUT
last year I lost my squash to the VBs. I didn't know what they were. I planted the squash early, like about now.

In late June I planted a packet of birdhouse gourds. They took off and ran across a chainlink fence and up the 6 ft wooden fence behind it. Every vine was happy. They were ready to harvest in late October early November.

I don't know if planting time pertains to the VBs or even if they go for the gourds.

Right now, I have a volunteer Cinderella pumpkin plant growing in my front bed. I assume that's who it is because I had one sitting near there last fall. It's very happy and flowering. [I'm trying to keep my curb free of vines and here is this happy healthy plant that wants to wave as my crabby neighbor!]

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I planted some vines and planted radish along with them. I also get beneficial nematodes and water in with them, and I sprinkle DE regularly. I hope they make it this year. We had better luck with our squash last year with a late planting.

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Texasflip - Thanks for the info about the sevin dust. I had no idea it was toxic to bees. We have got to keep those little fellas working (and living)!

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