How do I kill this vine??

jondoze(Z6 NY)October 11, 2005

Hi All,

I'm not sure what this vine is, but it is everywhere at the edges of the woods that surround our house. This stuff has offshoots growing out of the ground covering close to a half acre of land.

Some of the roots are 3-4 inches thick and we have pulled out 30 foot long lengths with an excavator.

I'm trying to figure out what it is so that we can try to get rid of it. It has grown 20 feet up into trees in some places.

Thank You,


Here is a link that might be useful:

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Looks like Trumpet Vine. If it is, better learn to like it, or move. :) Arum

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You can dab the freshly cut stump or stem with a product containing triclopyr and it will control it. Only a tiny amount is needed, and it will kill the plant and its roots. Look for a product labeled for "cut stump" or "cut stem" use, such as the brush killer type of products and follow the directions. Good luck.

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jondoze(Z6 NY)

Thank You both for the info. These vines never flower, but the stories lead me to believe that this is indeed trumpet vine. It is pretty well established and has underground feeder roots criss crossing about a 1/2 acre of yard. Some of these roots are 4" in diameter. Absolutely amazing. I doubt it will ever truly be gone, but I am determined to reclaim some of my yard and save a few trees in the process. I guess I know what I will be doing for the next 50 years.....

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Yep, it's trumpet vine. I've been existing with it for 15 years. I use concentrated round-up type product I get from my county extension (for different reason) and don't delute as much as suggested, just to control it. Get the vines out of the tree as best you can, they will choke it eventually. I just cringe when I read where people want to plant them. Yes, they are pretty and the hummingbirds like them, but they are VERY invasive.

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I actually found a product called Vine-X that will kill trumpet vine (and presumably other vines). I was skeptical but desparate since I HATED the suckers sent up throughout my yard and bedding. I tried other web suggestions (including soaking suckers in pure RoundUp with no success - I actually believe it LIKES RoundUp). Figured I had nothing to lose by ordering this and trying it. I had a large stem (about 2 inches in diameter) so I ordered the large stem version. None of my local garden stores carried it so I ordered it via the net ( I applied it twice, about 10 days apart. I expected to have to apply again in spring (since I previously applied it during a dormant season)but so far, so good. No growth and no suckers.

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Debrouse thanks for the info. I'm ordering some of the Vine-X tomorrow. I've been trying to kill a trumpet vine(s) for at least 8 years. I stupidly planted one about 10 years ago thinking it would attract hummers but I had no idea how invasive it was. I think I've tried everything short of gasoline and a match to rid my yard of that evil vine! Now to find all the places where it has decided to sprout. That could take a while. lol

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Well of course I just had to plant the pretty thing. It grew under my fence, over into my neighbors yard, and that was when I really panicked,she came outside to find me digging a big hole in her yard. Thankfully she was a kind person. It was a small vine I had started from a piece, so I was able to get it all,- then came Cinnamon Vine, in which I had to MOVE to get away from IT. Nasty! There's never been a time where I could resist planting a "wild flower", so of course when visiting the swamp near me, there was "Arrow Head". It wasn't even put in the ground,but laid in a wet spot beside the pond, and later the decision would be made if it was wanted it or not. The decision was made for me, it planted it'self, grew underground, half way around the pond, and headed for the neighbors yard, by putting out these hard ball things on the end of long runners. AWFUL nasty! Well, that was WAR!!! No more Sweet Joe Pye, wild Carpet Buggle(half the yard had to be dug up and resodded with that one),Wild daylily, and a host of other ones. I've finally been domesticated! :) Arum

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Arum I'm glad I looked at this post again because I'm starting Cinnamon Vine in a pot and was thinking about putting it in the yard. I didn't realize that it was so hardy and invasive in this area. You may have just saved me from another botanical nightmare! lol

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Karyn, that is the vine from ----! It drops all those little potatoes, and they come up everywhere, plus it choke anything else that grows,just like bindweed. It is truely a nightmare, and I was glad to move away and start my garden all over again. Glad you thought better of it. :)

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I have wild vines growing in my backyard i was told to get some products called pathfinder & gurlon have you heard of these products also if you have were would i find them thanks.

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Suzi AKA DesertDance Zone 9b

I have a small wine vineyard, and at the end is a bougainvillea vine. Very pretty, very HUGE thorns, and VERY aggressive, trying to climb all over the grape vine trellis and interfering with it's sunshine. Thanks for the mention of the products. I made a list, and will be killing that pretty vine. No regrets. My wine grape vines are king around here!!

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