campus radicans galen croaked

sunnytopOctober 5, 2007

How sensitive are these vines to weed sprays? My new vine suddenly shriveled up and died. We've had good rains, it's been in the ground for 8 weeks and had grown a tendril 9 feet long looking healthy. All I can think of is I sprayed for weeds a month ago although I can't see how it could have gotten on the vine. Didn't bother anything else in the bed. Are there any bugs or pests that cause this? I thought these vines were hard to kill.

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I'm not familiar with CR Galen but the regular orange CR is next to impossible to kill. I've cut it back and injected a herbicide directly into the stems and even that had no effect. It just grew back stronger then ever. After 8 years of unsuccessfully trying to eradicate this vine I've learned to live with it and do admit that it's beautiful when in bloom. How cold has it been in your area? Maybe it's just going dormant for the season and will return from the roots next spring.

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It would seem like it had gone dormant but the coldest it has gotten has been in the 40's at night and usually it's been 50's at night. Pretty warm in the daytime yet, 80's. Maybe the 40's was too cold. I'm used to plants that last until it freezes.

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We've dipped into the low 40's several times over the past few weeks and my campsis radicans are still fine. What does the stem below the soil line feel like?

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The stem seems sturdy, I can see white roots and when I barely scraped off a little bark it was green underneath. It must still be alive. I'd better not give up on it yet huh?

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I'd just remove the dead stems and leave it be. Good luck with it.

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