Mandevilla transplanting

torrie6miOctober 6, 2007

How would you recommend caring for a mandevilla purchased in October?? Do I transplant to a pot now (Michigan Zone 4) or wait until the spring?? This is my first year for these lovely vines: I have 2 Pink Parfaits (including the new one just purchased) and 1 darker pink. I plan to bring them indoors soon to winter over, as this is Michigan!! I had these in pots outdoors, but did not get enough sunlight so next year will move their location. Also, are mealy bugs easily visible, or do you need a magnifying glass to detect?? Thanks for any info. I could not resist making the latest purchase, as it was only $8 for a tall lovely!!

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john_ny(z6/7 Sunset 34)

You should be able to see the mealybugs without a magnifying glass, and Mandevillas are prone to them.

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Thanks for the info. I have not seen any bugs on mine, but there are "chomp bites" on a few of the leaves. If you do know tips of transplanting, please pass 'em on. Still at a loss if I should pot my October purchase now??

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If it's mealy bugs you wouldn't see "chomps" taken out of the leaves. Maybe it was a slug or caterpillar. I'm not sure that I understand about potting it. Do you have it in the ground? If so go ahead, cut it back and dig it up. If you are talking about transplanting into a larger container I'd wait until spring when it's putting out lots of new growth. The only reason that I'd transplant into a larger container this time of year is if it's severely root bound.

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