ron, I'm trying an upload of a photo

izzybelle(11)October 10, 2007

This is one photo, it's coming out big.

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Hi izzybelle-lee - Nice photo(!)...Sure looks very consistent with an Argyreia nervosa to far

There are many Argyreia species that can look very similar and the Stictocardia genus can also look very similar to Argyreia...

Glad you were able to post a nice cxlear photo of your MG plant...

Keep us updated with more closeup photos as the flowerbuds develop and of the flowers and seedpods...



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if you find it hard to edit the photos on your computer,making them smaller, simply insert this script: width=800 at the very end before the final close tag ">"

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thIS is what it looks like:

"img src="" width=800>


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