Potluck Bonanza

equinoxequinoxNovember 21, 2011

My biggest chance at providing food for my worms is a once a month vegan potluck. In the past I have brought peeled watermellon, bananas, or orange preperations due to the large bounty of rind or peels I can harvest during prep at home for my little guys and gals. What other fruits or vegetables have a lot of prep waste potential?

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You know you're a vermicomposting whacko when you start doing your shopping and menu planning around the worms more than around the people. :-D

Also, I love it when I make greens because the stems have to come out of an enormous number of leaves in order to make a decent amount of cooked greens. The stems really pile up.

Also, our organic fruit and veggie box delivers carrots, fennel bulbs, beets and other root vegetables with their greens still attached - instant worm food.

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Artichokes! Make sure to take receptacles so you can collect all the leaves and the chokes.

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I always volunteer to bring the veggie plate and/or potato salad. Lots of worm food there!

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