Vine unknown? ID me, please. :)

roseyd(6)October 22, 2012

Well, my neighbor has a beautiful vine that every year grows up the central column of his front porch and goes all the way up to the roof. He was painting his house yesterday and I on speaking with him, he doesn't know what the vine is - but is considering to move it away from his house since it seems that the roots are to close to the brick work.

Anyway, does anyone recognize it? I will post another picture as well to show a close up of the leaves.

He's wondering where he should transplant it to, and without knowing the ID, he won't know what limitations the plant would have for shade.

Any feedback would be most greatly appreciated.


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a second image.

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final image, a close-up of the leaf.

So what is it???? can it be put up against a tree without killing it? Can it survive a shady spot? verses what it now has which is eastern exposure - half day sun?

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It might be hydrangea petiolaris - does it flower?

My gut feeling is that your neighbor isn't going to have an easy time moving that well-established a vine - just a thought.

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No flowers - it's been there at least 5 years. He cuts it back every year and every year it comes right back as healthy and strong as ever.

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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL(8B AL)

If it's a Hydrangea petiolaris, which it does look like, it's not a native but usually highly regarded (and expensive) landscape plant that takes a few years to establish before it will put on its' show of flowers. Hopefully you'll get another confirmation or two on that ID. It's been years since I moved away from mine.

This one sounds like it's been there for a while, so the flowers are probably being ruined by badly-timed pruning (if one wants to see the flowers.) I say badly-timed because this vine blooms on old wood, meaning growth from the previous year. The best time to trim, for seeing flowers, would be right after the blooms fade. The growth that is left and that which forms during the rest of that year will have the next years' buds on it. Hope that makes sense.

If possible, moving it to the base of a mature tree or other dedicated support structure would be best if possible. Then trimming could be eliminated entirely, except to guide or remove stray stems.

Here is a link that might be useful: Some pics to give you an idea what this vine can do

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Ok, I will send him the link to this website and forum and let him read up on the plant and how the pruning process works for it. With the way he's just cut it down for the season - it won't flower next year either. - It'll be interesting to see where he will transplant it. Much of his property is already very intensively Vine oriented. He has a long row of honeysuckle on one side, and the back is taken over by a Wisteria vine. There is a tree back there - but I think the Wisteria has begun to use it.

If it can handle shade well, I may ask him for a clipping an try to root some into my back yard. We have a large rock wall back there that could use some greenery. :)

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flora_uk(SW UK 8/9)

I am dubious about the H petiolaris id. I don't know what it is but am pretty sure it's not that. Leaf shape, twigs and buds don't look right to me and there are no aerial rootlets visible. Do the older stems have 'whiskers' which are self clinging?

Could it be Celastrus orbiculatus? Not a vine I know personally.

Here is a link that might be useful: Celastrus orbiculatus

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no, it seems to twine, as far as I could tell.

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I'm with flora - definitely NOT Hydrangea petiolaris but quite likely could be Celastrus. I'd be surprised that it never bloomed but the cutting back annually may have prevented that. I'd be concerned about planting this rather aggressively twining vine on a tree - kinda like wisteria in that the vigorous growth can choke out smaller trees - even rip them out of the ground.

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Bittersweet vine/twining shrub, is beautiful, but massive when full grown - give it something sturdy to grow on, preferably away from trees, rather on a hefty field fence.

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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL(8B AL)

Ugh, that's disappointing. Sorry.

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yes, that is disappointing. I'd been hoping that it was the hydrangea vine. I passed on the info to him and we'll see how he takes it. He can't put it against a tree knowing it will kill his tree. He may be forced to kill it.

I wonder if I should suggest a replacement vine to go in that spot? would a hydrangea vine ... say moonlight? would it be less distructive to his brickwork were he to put it and a trellis next to his house? Or how about one of the honeysuckles? HIs house is white mixed with gray/blues ... perhaps the serotina? or a mandarin honeysuckle would look mighty fine fronting that color-scheme?

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